7 Doors

Solid wood and reclaimed wood

7 doors is a project in which I was challenged by the clients to create a new set of internal doors for their listed, refurbished house in Tel Aviv. Built in the 1920′s as an Eclectic Style building, the house was externally renovated to preserve the original elevations design. However, the internal spaces were mostly designed as modern ones. Since the 7 doors I was commissioned for were located within the ‘modern’ parts of the house, I figured they could draw a metaphorical line between the old and the new.>>>

My main idea, then, was to reuse materials taken from the discarded old doors which were removed as part of the house’s renovation process. The discarded internal doors were cut into stripes which were then implanted into recesses engraved into the new doors’ surface. Embedded into the new doors, the old wood strips are an archaeological reminder revealing the house’s story.

Building conservation and Interiors by Tal Bar Orian for Bar Orian Architects
Photos#1,2,3 by Amit Giron