Powder coated steel

Bernard (step-stool)


Bernard was born in response to an open and challenging brief to create a unique piece of furniture that is both visually captivating and practical. Inspired by the ground-breaking Bauhaus architecture, Bernard is made from powder coated steel and aesthetically in harmony with its surrounding.

Tailored to modern living and compact urban spaces, Bernard serves multiple purposes: as a two step-ladder, a stool, or even a side-table. Bernard can easily be picked and moved between rooms or outdoors, meeting the need of an extra seat in hand.

Visually, Bernard is unobtrusive and elegant. Manufactured from sleek, 14 x 14 mm steel tubes, there is an abundance of air and light inherent to the design. Simultaneously, its clever design and relative height makes it solid enough for a grown-up person to rest against and can safely carry up to 150 kg. The combination of vertical and horizontal ribs provides structural stability to the frame, which adds to the object’s durability also in challenging environments such as indoor public spaces.

An overall very playful design, Bernard defies the ordinary and allows for various shapes to meet in a singular object. Asymmetry appears throughout the design, subtly counterbalanced by the repetitive ribs, impeccably positioned with 14 mm intervals. Seen from the slightest angle, the delicate ribs merge and adopt new qualities, acting as a colour-field and reflecting rays of light.

Bernard is scheduled to be launched in September 2019, as part of the London Design Festival which will mark the Bauhaus centenary,  with the purpose of being manufactured on large scale in a near future. At present, the design is available in six colours and produced by David Amar Studio in London.



Photos by Shira Klasmer