Solid wood (Oak), Concrete, Powder coated steel, Textile (kvadrat)

The Bialik Collection is a commissioned set of furniture developed for the owners of a refurbished, listed house in Tel Aviv. Built in the 1920′s as an Eclectic Style building, the house was externally renovated to preserve the original elevations design. However, the internal spaces were mostly designed as modern ones.The furniture set was designed to meet the clients’ needs for a dressing room while mirroring the neat and airy feel of the room. One of the room’s most distinct features is the original floor tiles which were preserved as a ‘carpet’ within a dark cast concrete floor. Hence, the furniture colour compliment the tiles while suggesting a neutral, yet playful atmosphere.>>>

Designed as a response to a very open and challenging brief, the project comprises of a central dressing unit, a daybed as well as four benches / low shelving units used for storage. The room’s main feature is a central, free standing dressing unit made of powder coated steel frames connected to a dark cast concrete base. The unit includes a full length mirror, a screen and a small dressing table with a single drawer. All three swivel around the concrete base to allow for flexibility and a dynamic user experience. The dressing table is accompanied by a stool made of powder coated steel frame and upholstered seat using Kvadrat textile.
Alongside the dressing unit, a bespoke daybed was design and made to meet the client’s specifications using the exact same materials. The upholstered mattress’ seams create a grid which follows the vertical lines of the steel frame to create an asymmetrical pattern.

Along the room’s walls four low shelving units were designed to function as benches, providing open storage space with maximum transparency. Made of dark stained white oak, the shelves are supported by dark concrete bases which merge into the concrete floor.

Photos by Shaxaf Haber