Cut-up benches

Aluminium brackets and Plywood

Cut-up Benches were made for M&M! (Mistakes & Manifestos!), a series of works and activities curated by Daniel Charny. M&M! was part of Neville Brody’s Research Studios event Anti Design Festival held during the 2010 LDF. The exhibition brought together two sides of the artistic process; manifestos which set ideas and principles on one hand, and mistakes, the often-unwanted result on the other hand.>>>

In the spirit of the event, I decided to try and ‘break’ my own rules for the purpose of designing and producing the series of benches I was commissioned for.  I used my own Object Writing Tools against their nature and cut the boards and timber in an angle that does not match the tools’ original principles. Though it may sound as a paradox, I aimed for creating intentional mistakes, meaning I wasn’t able to anticipate the final result. Neville Brody’s Anti Design Manifesto got incorporated into my work as a paraphrase on a physical object.