Electric fan units, Discarded wooden pallets, Paper flowers, Electronics.
Designed in collaboration with Ami Drach & Dov Ganchrow

Field was a kinetic installation at the Bloomberg headquarters in Finsbury Square, London using the company’s waste materials. The project was initiated by the art and design agency Arts Co. as part of their Waste Not Want It II project commissioned by Bloomberg Philanthropy.>>>

The installation features a mass of thin steel rods supporting over 300 electric fan units taken from discarded routers, and 1200 paper flowers drawn by Bloomberg’s employees, their children and Bloomberg community partners using an online drawing website created for this purpose. These generate a vast moving field, triggered by motion sensors as people step on a stage constructed of discarded wooden pallets, walking through the field pathways leading to a garden bench. As the visitor walks through the field, the motion sensors initiate a sequence of movement by turning on the fan units. The flower-fans blow a light breeze creating a vibrancy of colours, engaging with the visitor’s senses.

Through the use of post-consumer products as raw materials, ‘Field’ can be experienced in stages. Firstly, from afar as an object, later as a surrounding to move through, and finally as a place of personal reflection to escape in the day. This contemporary indoor reinterpretation of natural landscaping simulating movement of reeds in the wind creates an alternative office environment, a leisure space defined and bordered by technological apparatus. While inviting the office workers to enjoy it both as users as well as makers, the installation allows a constructive and altered look at the waste surrounding us.

In the memory of Ami Drach, a great teacher, designer and friend. Ami’s memory continues to resonate with, and inspire me daily…