Birch plywood and found furniture 

Made as one of my projects for the RCA Graduation Show, Grafting is a modular furniture system suggesting a dialogue between its functional and symbolic meanings. This project includes a set of basic furniture pieces made of plywood such as a table, bookcase, cabinet and a chest. Each piece of furniture is made out of segments, striped down to its modular basic components. My main idea was to join the components together while using discarded wood taken from old furniture pieces.>>>

For this purpose, a recess was made within each designed piece into which an element from a discarded piece of furniture was implanted. This process allows for creating a variety of furniture, binding together old and new. This may indicate on a manufacturer’s ability to produce a large furniture series made out of few basic furniture components, depending on the ‘found’ binding segments. To emphasis this idea, a series of hand drawn sketches was shown alongside a 1:1 prototype.
The prototype I chose to show was an assembly of furniture pieces which were not meant to be joint together, enjoying working against my own set of rules…