Half life

Porcelain and Plaster 

Half Life is a project developed while I was a first year student at the RCA, as part of a collaboration between RCA’s Platform 8 and Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres, France. In this project, we were invited to explore the Sèvres’ porcelain products and traditional manufacturing techniques. Sèvres‘ manufacturers are considered masters concerning their vast knowledge and life-long experience. To their view, Sèvres’ collection has reached the point of perfection throughout the years.>>>

My project’s starting point was to question the idea of perfection through a series of studies based on original pieces from the Sèvres’ collection. The project includes a set of prototypes, each serves as a new interpretation of the original Sèvres’ piece. The prototypes show an inverse process of reduction and deconstruction of a single porcelain piece while preserving its original characteristics. Each prototype suggests a stage within a product’s life, emphasising that each particular product is time-bound and therefore incomplete. This project was made for the group exhibition The enemy of the good held at Galerie de la manufacture nationale de Sèvre in Paris during the 2009 Designers Day.