White Oak

Lean is a commissioned set of furniture for a client’s new study. This project includes a desk, a cupboard, tables and shelves, suggesting a system which functions as a whole to create a fluid and flexible working space. Most of the pieces are supported by the others, leaning one against each other. However, the set wasn’t design as a pre-arranged array, but can be freely arranged and rearrange by the user.>>>

Hand-crafted from solid wood (White Oak), the set was designed to meet the clients’ needs while mirroring the neat and airy feel of the room. One of the room’s most distinct features is the original flooring tiles which were preserved as part of the house’s renovation process. Hence, the furniture colour compliments the floor tiles while suggesting a neutral, yet playful atmosphere.
This idea was explored earlier in Village, a project I originally showcased as part of Place Mark installation held at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2007.

Building conservation and Interiors by Tal Bar Orian for Bar Orian Architects
Photo#1 by Amit Giron