Siberian larch ply

Here stand my books, line upon line
They reach the roof, and row by row,
They speak of faded tastes of mine,
And things I did, but do not, know:
Andrew Lang / Ballade of his books

LibriX is not a standard bookcase, but rather a shelving unit that holds a bookcase within it. The large structure defines a space for books, cherishes books, glorifies them – it is definitely more than just a storage unit. The structure of wood was planned as a bespoke piece for a client’s house, a renovated listed building in Tel-Aviv that is situated across the Israeli national poet’s house, Haim Nahman Bialik.>>>My ambition was to try to create a bookcase that, in a similar way to books, is inspired by the past and the future at the same time. A generic contour of a traditional bookcase was merged into a contemporary structure of open shelves with X shape joints. Only when one stands in a particular place, he may be able to see the hidden traditional bookcase within the contemporary one. For the viewer it appears as an illusion, as a perspective trick; two bookcases holding each other, the one does not exist without the other.

Photos 1-9,17 by Shaxaf Haber