Shelves: Concrete bases, Solid wood (Oak)
Coat rack: Concrete base, Wooden wedges, Siberian larch ply 

The shelves and coat rack were designed for an art collector’s study. The client’s first request was for the furniture not to overshadow or obstruct the artworks within the room. I also had to take under consideration the original house’s floor tiles which were preserved as a colourful ‘carpet’ within a dark cast concrete floor, as well as a dark solid wood desk that was in the room.>>>

The result of these constrains is a simple set of low shelving units, providing open surfaces and maximum transparency. Dark wooden shelves echo the desk colour and are supported by dark concrete bases which merge into the concrete floor. The cast concrete bases were made using a solid wood mould – the wood imprint on the concrete ties all the room’s elements together.
The same concrete base is used for a coat rack, inspired by a classical Viennese one which got ‘reduced’ into its basic shape. Four individual racks are secured together into the heavy base using wooden wedges.

Photos 1,2 by Shaxaf Haber
Building conservation and
Interiors by Tal Bar Orian for Bar Orian Architects