Discarded furniture,metal cast brackets, birch plywood

Made as one of my projects for the RCA Graduation Show, Syllables deals with ‘rewriting’ unwanted and discarded pieces of furniture. The project includes a series of experimental sketches in 3D exploring new forms and typologies. The constriction I took upon myself was using the object writing tools (see below) as form of joinery. The object writing tools dictated the cutting angle and assembly method, thus the objects almost ‘formed themselves’.>>>

My research focused on the way design can be applied as a language using existing pieces of wood. By creating components that can be repeated and used as meta-language, I have put together objects, not necessarily functional ones, but rather three-dimensional experiments. The dismantling action enables playful intervention within the existing furniture syntax, a simile to rearranging words to form a newly composed sentence or story.

Object Writing Tools are a set of three types of cast metal brackets that I have designed and manufactured in my last year at the RCA.  The brackets are a joining tool that allow testing different ways of bounding pieces of wood together in a simple way using screws. The brackets based on a right triangle formation, one form of bracket for each angle of the triangle that gives numerous options of joining pieces of wood together. As part of my research about design and language, the brackets are used as conjunction to the syntax of my works.