The Constructivists

Solid wood (Maple), lacquered MDF
The Constructivists is an ongoing project in which I ‘translate’ paintings of great Russian Constructivist masters (such as Malevich, Rodchenko, Popova etc.) into a series of sculptural/functional pieces. This project pays homage to well known constructivists paintings as well as to the main idea of constructivism sub-movement: Productivism that sought to make art useful and believed that art should have a practical role as a facet of industrial production.>>>
Throughout my design process, each painting was reconstructed into a three dimensional object givingĀ a separate manifestation to the painted elements. The objects are made of solid wood and lacquered MDF which are held together in a cast concrete base using wooden wedges. Looking at the objects from certain perspectives may reveal the original paintings’ composition.
The collection was shown at Fresh Paint, an art and design fair in Tel Aviv. 2ndĀ edition (2 out of 7) was sold at Phillips Auction House in London, November 2014, as part of the BFAMI charity auction.