Bamboo ply
“Art is called upon to accompany man everywhere where his tireless life takes place and acts: at the workbench, at the office, at work, at rest, and at leisure; work days and holidays, at home and on the road, so that the flame of life does not go out in man.”
Naum Gabo and Antoine Pevsner / Realist Manifesto, 1920
Wallevich is a wall mounted cabinet composed of a series of 8 wooden boxes meticulously made of bamboo ply with angled shelves. The composition of the boxes on the wall is inspired by Eight Red Rectangles, oil on canvas painting by constructivist artist Kazimir Malevich from 1915.>>>
Mounting the boxes to form a rotated version of the original painting’s composition allows for the shelves to become functional. All angled shelves are then parallel and levelled in relation to the floor, linking the eight containers to each other – trying to link art to everyday life.
Wallevich is a project done for the ‘Cabinets of Curiosity’ show at Mint as part of their London Design Festival show, 2013
Photos 4-7 by Shira Klasmer